Speech Therapy for E

On Monday E’s speech therapist came for the first time. At 27 months, E is developmentally delayed in his speech. That said, he is where he should be for all of the other development areas. Based on what the speech therapist said, it seems mostly to be a muscle problem in his mouth. Basically, he needs more exercise. So, there are some things that we can do and are doing to help in that way. The speech therapist will also come once a week. Since his evaluation a couple of weeks ago, we have already seen some improvement in his speech. Especially in his willingness to use certain words. He is using mommy, daddy, please, baby, kitty, and no (especially) more regularly, although they are not as clear as they should be. There is not and never has been a concern about his intelligience or understanding. So, we’re just along for the ride and realize that at some point we might jokingly long for the days when he didn’t talk as much.


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