Seeing Shame

E, 28 months, has been showing emotions that were unexpected, at least by me. A few weeks ago E seemed embarassed by having used the “big boy” potty (were not quite there yet on the potty training) and then a few days later with our pediatrician because of a rash on his face. He has also been showing shame recently when he was chastised for bad behavior. For both emotions, Ethan’s reaction has been to lean over and bury his head in the floor or to hide behind something. Mainly he is hiding his eyes. In some ways I have been surprised by this. It is certainly something that has not been taught to him by us, rather it reminds me of the shame that was displayed in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3) after Adam & Eve had sinned for the first time. Their response was to hide from God. I am also reminded of how God dealt with them…graciously, especially in the questions that he asked to draw them out.


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