What I’m Reading: Jumper

I have completed reading about 17 books this year (my goal is 52). I am currently reading Jumper, the inspiration behind the recent movie (which I have not yet seen) Jumper

If you have been living under a rock (or don’t have a TV).  The book & movie are about a teenager who discovers that he can teleport (“jump”) to and from various locations.

I am currently about 1/3 of the way through the book and am finding it difficult to put the book down and go to sleep.  Here are some initial thoughts:

1)  First, the content of the book is raw and graphic in some places.  I don’t “recommend” books and movies for this reason.  We all must exercise discernment regarding our intake of various media.

2)  Without giving away too much…the main character, Davy, discovers his ability to teleport when he is threatened (physically and emotionally) in two different scenes and circumstances.  I think this is the appeal of the book and probably the movie as well – who of us hasn’t wanted to “jump” or get away from a difficult situation in our lives.  When we are embarrased?  When we are scared or threatened?  When we are ashamed?  This is how a lot of us feel.  The TV commercials for Southwest work on this same principle using humor instead of threat (“want to get away”).

3)  The author has written Davy as a very honest and broken teenager.  This is another appeal to the book I think.  As much as the honesty and brokenness are hard to read, it feels real.

4)  More thoughts as I continue to read.  Thus far, very engaging both with the main character and the trajectory of the plot.


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