April Books

I thought I would borrow an idea from my friend Ed.  On his blog he writes a quick summary of the books that he has read during a given month.  You can see what Ed read in April here.  In the middle, or so, of 2006 I started writing down the books that I was reading.  I partially did this to help me better remember the books in a series that I had already read (particularly mystery/detective series) and to better keep account of what I have read in a given year.  So, here are the books I completed reading in April (some of which I have already blogged about):

  • Jumper by Steven Gould:  You can see my initial reactions here.  I did enjoy reading this book about a teenager who discovers that he can teleport.  Although, I have not seen the movie, it appears the book and the movie are very different – at least in terms of overall plot.  The book operates in two parts (this is my division):  the first part is about Davy discovering his ability and figuring out what he can do and the second part is focused on his desire to avenge a death.  I do have trouble with main characters actions and the lack of consequences for them, and yet the story causes you to root for him  (particularly, as he faces horrible circumstances).  I have not decided if I will read the sequel, Reflex, or a book written specifically as back story of the the movie – Griffin’s Story.
  • God’s Big Picture: Tracing the Story-Line of the Bible by Vaughan Roberts:  I used this book in our youth Sunday School class (it had also been used in our adult class earlier).  This book shows how the theme of the kingdom of God (“God’s people in God’s place under God’s rule and blessing”) can be traced as a story-line through the Bible from beginning to end.  I find this very helpful in thinking about the big picture of the Bible.  This is often needed because people so often get frustrated by the details of Scripture (or bored with the genealogies) and that they don’t understand the purpose of certain passages, chapters, or even entire books.
  • Growing People Through Small Groups by David Stark and Betty Veldman Wieland.  I have written some thoughts here.  I still need to process the rest of the book for my reevaluation of our small group ministry.
  • Remembering by Wendall Berry:  I loved this book.  Part of the reason is here; I love the way that Berry writes and evokes thought and emotion through the written word.  Another reason, that I loved this book, is the message of remembering that is carried throughout the entire book.  I want to write about the place of remembering in the Christian life and how this book served as a reminder of its importance for me.  Hopefully, I can spend a little more time fleshing this out soon.

One of the disappointments from being sick for a couple of weeks in April was my lack of desire or ability to read very much.  Oh well, I am back to reading now – I bought a couple of books from Barnes and Noble this week and have several checked out from the library.


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