The Allure & Illusion of Freedom (continued)

Here is a quote from John Stott in keeping with the previous post from a couple of days ago:

Many suppose that intellectual freedom is identical with ‘free thought’, that is, the liberty to think and believe absolutely anything you want to think and believe. But this is not freedom. To believe nothing is to be in bondage to meaninglessness. To believe lies is to be in bondage to falsehood. True intellectual freedom is found in believing the truth and living by it. Archbishop Michael Ramsey in a series of sermons which he preached in Lent 1970 before the University of Cambridge (published now in the little book called “Freedom, Faith and the Future”) spoke of intellectual freedom. The Christian creed involves ‘a certain yoke of specific belief’, but is also, he said, ‘a means of intellectual liberty’. ‘It frees you into the large room of the family of Christ’s followers across the ages. There is a timelessness about such a faith. It is not first century or 16th century or 20th century. It can free you from one of the most horrible of tyrannies, the dominance of the contemporary.’ I would add, it can free you from a great deal else besides, including the shifting sands of subjectivity.”

–From “The Bible and the Crisis of Authority” (London: Falcon, 1972), p. 14.
Excerpted from “Authentic Christianity”, pp. 127-128 (Intervarsity Press)


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