Are you kidding?

While I am passionate about the Cross of Christ…I really struggle with the combination of Christ symbolism and electronic gadget (an mp3 player in this case).  Will this only play “Christian” music?  I just wonder if we water-down the actual meaning and wonder of the death of Christ upon a Roman cross with a combination like this.  This kind of “Jesus junk” also seems to provide more fodder for which Christians are mocked (It’s one thing to be mocked or ridiculed for our belief in the substitutionary sacrifice of Christ, but another altogether to mocked for our accouterments).

And this doesn’t even begin to address whether this mp3 player is of any value as an electronic device.  Good stewardship would demand that we not spend our money on an mp3 player just because it is in the shape of a cross (or is made by a Christian company, or has an ichthus on it, etc…)

Am I overreacting?

(HT:  colossiansthreesixteen)


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  1. Marketing really gets to me sometimes. I read and enjoyed “The Prayer of Jabez.” Regardless of what you think about think about that particular book, it started a whole phenomenon. There were Prayer of Jabez t-shirts, journals, calendars, study guides, study Bibles, and the list goes on. Remember WWJD? All of the above, plus niche marketing for kids; backpacks, bracelets, pencil toppers, etc. Christian bookstores are supercenters for a mass of products besides just books. Publishers of books and music are in business, and looking for products that sell. Someone came up with the i-Cross looking to make a buck, and if a million Christians buy them up then they’ll make a million more. Is it a way to live out our witness in front of the world, or does it make the Father’s house a den of thieves? I’m not sure on that one yet.


  2. Posted by adamtisdale on May 17, 2008 at 10:38 pm

    Thanks for your thoughts Clark…it really is about marketing and making money (otherwise it wouldn’t happen). I think too many Christians are either oblivious to this fact or don’t care.


  3. This kind of stuff is awful. The saddest part about it is how much it actually sells.

    I have more to say about it… but I don’t think I want to spoil my Sabbath by getting worked up!

    My vote: two thumbs down.


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