Respectable Sins: Selfishness

Jerry Bridges addresses another difficult to spot sin (in ourselves, we have no problem seeing it in other people) in chapter twelve: selfishness. I know for myself, there have been two main times when my selfishness has been brought to the light in a major way: the first few months (or is it years?) of marriage and becoming a parent to two kiddos. In both cases, there was no place for my selfishness to hide and I became very aware of how selfish I am. I’m other couples and parents would share a similar sentiment. However, those events certainly don’t eradicate the sin of selfishness in our own lives.

Bridges again identifies four areas of selfishness for us to consider, confess, and pray about:

  • Selfishness with our interests: do you dominate conversations with talk about yourself, your family, your hobbies, etc…?
  • Selfishness with our time: are you selfish by inordinately guarding your own time or by imposing yourself on another person’s time? “Selfishness with one’s time will frequently be observed in the home” (104). Uh, no comment.
  • Selfishness with our money: do we recognize all of our money and resources as a gift form God?
  • Selfishness with our inconsiderateness: do you think about the impact of your actions on others? Are we considerate of others feelings? Within our society we are increasingly experiencing this with the epidemic of cell phones. What we communicate is that we are only thinking of ourselves – which is the heart of selfishness

When and where are you most likely to exhibit selfishness?


2 responses to this post.

  1. Just read through a lot of your posts and was really impressed. As someone who is about to have their first child, I’m probably going to be slapped in the face with my issues of selfishness.

    I enjoyed reading ‘my story’ also. Randy Pope really is an incredible person and leader.

    Take care.


  2. Posted by adamtisdale on May 28, 2008 at 5:15 pm

    Thanks for stopping in and spending some time reading – I appreciate your kind words.

    The good news, though our children do reveal our selfishness in sometimes hard ways, the joy of being a parent outweighs our distress over our sinfulness. This is God’s grace to us and I trust will be the case for you as well (congrats, btw).


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