Odds and Ends (around the web)

Here are a few things that I have come across on that thing we call the world wide web:

SafeManuals.com: The tag line is “Find and keep your user manuals”. I keep a file of user manuals (it’s quite large at this point) and I always have to look through all the manuals to find the one I want. So, this could be a very useful site and make a lot of sense.

You’ve Been Left Behind (link now corrected): Why didn’t I think of this. Just in case the pre-trib rapture is a reality you can sign-up for this “Rapture” triggered email messaging system. From the site: We have set up a system to send documents by the email, to the addresses you provide, 6 days after the “Rapture” of the Church. This occurs when 3 of our 5 team members scattered around the U.S fail to log in over a 3 day period. Another 3 days are given to fail safe any false triggering of the system. The cost for the first year is $40. (HT: ColossiansThreeSixteen) There are so many more things I could say, but I will exercise restraint.

Reformissionary: A blog by a pastor in Chicago that I have been frequenting more often. I will add this to the blogroll soon.

The Something Store: you pay $10 – they send you something (it’s a surprise to you, and we all like surprises!). Just not sure about paying to surprise yourself. That said, you can see some of the items that you might be surprised by and for sure a few are worth more than $10 (e.g. an ipod nano or $20 gas card).

Article: Top 10 Things You Forgot Your Mac Can Do. I like to use number 3 from time to time.

Trafficare: Speeding Ticket (and other offenses) Insurance. Memberships start at $12.95/month. No comment.


3 responses to this post.

  1. The “Left Behind” thing has to be a joke… right?

    Please tell me it’s a joke, Adam. You’ll really minister to me.


  2. Posted by adamtisdale on June 6, 2008 at 8:58 pm

    I really, really wished I could. No joke (except all the one’s that are made at their expense). I came across this (http://blog.wired.com/27bstroke6/2008/06/service-lets-yo.html) shortly after posting.


  3. […] and colossiansthreesixteen has The Weekly Town Crier, so I present to you the second installment of Odds and Ends – helping you, dear reader, find the end of the internet, the odd things, and a few gems in between […]


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