Slice of Life: Conversations with a 5 year old

Here are some random conversations with my son from recent weeks:

This one came today (while the kids were riding bikes in the street):
Me: When are you going to let me teach you to ride your bike without training wheels?
E: (with stern look) Never.
E: (a few minutes later) Were you seven when you learned to ride your bike without training wheels?
Me: I was about your age
E: Really?
Me: Yes

Yesterday; I had the kids for the afternoon and we were driving home:
Me: When we get home I’m going to make you guys some dinner.
E: But you don’t know how to cook.

A few weeks ago; while driving to church:
E: There’s a church (passing by a church we pass by just about everyday)
Me: Yes; they love Jesus there also (conjecture on my part)
E: [name redacted] doesn’t love Jesus.
Us: Why? What makes you say that?
E: Because whenever I tell [classmate from preschool] about Jesus he say’s no
Us: Well, it’s a very good thing to tell people about Jesus but not everybody wants to hear about Jesus.
E: Do you know who else tells people about Jesus?
Us: Who?
E: Missionaries

E has told me recently that he would like to be a missionary. We certainly would be delighted with this (I think), but more than that, my prayer is that our children will surpass us in faith and witness.


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