Respectable Sins: Worldliness

Alas, we have come to chapter 20 and the last of the respectable sins from the aptly named book by Jerry Bridges, Respectable Sins.  In this final chapter, Bridges addresses the sin of worldliness and a few of its manifestations.  First, however, it is important to define terms – especially one as broad and possibly misused at “worldliness”.  It’s a very easy term for Christians to label other Christians, but we should want better than a simple label.  So, Bridges provides this two part definition: “being attached to, engrossed in, or preoccupied with the things of this temporal life [authors emphasis]worldliness means accepting the values, mores, and practices of the nice, but unbelieving, society around us without discerning whether or not those values, mores, and practices are biblical” (166).

It would seem to me that worldliness, so defined, is very prevalent then in the church and Bridges uses three areas to make this point:  money, immorality (in particular, what Bridges calls “vicarious immorality”, and idolatry.  In each of these areas, we can see a trajectory that takes us far away from the Gospel and its trajectory.  As result, we and the church, as a whole, look very much like the rest of the world in terms of how we use our money, the way we get wrapped up in the immorality of our society, and how we are constantly worshipping at the feet of false idols (“an idol can be anything  that we such a high value on that it tends to absorb our emotional and mental energy, or our time and resources.  Or it can be anything that takes precedence over our relationship with God or family”).  So what will help us to be more godly, rather than worldly?  Trying harder will not work, instead “we need to grow in our relationship [God] and begin to view all aspects of life through the lens of His glory” (175).

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