Odds and Ends – 6/28/08

Once again bringing you a few of the odds and ends from around the web:

Read about the success of the University of Georgia’s athletics programs this year (including national championships in Equestrian, Men’s Tennis, and Gymnastics; and a near miss in baseball and great finish in football).

Read Mashable’s 30+ Must have Updated Firefox 3 Extensions.  I am liking the new Firefox 3 so far.

Read about the largest membership decline for the PCUSA in nearly 30 years (say around when the PCA was established).  In unrelated news, read about a retired PCUSA minister officiating a gay wedding in California and read about the recent PCUSA General Assembly changing the Heidelberg Confession.

Read about kids protesting high gas prices after their mother cancels cable.

Read NY Times article on American religious tolerance – no surprise here, although the results among evangelicals/Protestants may be.

Read about a guy named God Lucky Harris arrested near a church selling cocaine.  News agencies have enjoyed this one.



One response to this post.

  1. Is it bad that I wasn’t surprised with even the evangelical/Protestant views? Sigh.

    Thanks for the Firefox page. I recently upgraded to version three, and am liking it a lot, though I’m sure I will like it even more now that I know about all these cool add-ons.


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