Odds and Ends – 7/11/08

Well, it’s been a couple of weeks since the last Odds and Ends, so I’ve got a few links that have caught my attention.  Have fun!

  • Play with sand (simulated on your screen)
  • Check out Listening Post’s Top Ten Hottest Music Sites
  • Try a new way to surf or navigate the web with All My Faves (at the least it is a visually interesting collection of links to a bunch of different websites using icons)
  • Try this new website creator: very cool interface…haven’t personally tried this.
  • Having trouble with acronyms? Don’t fear, there is help for you here at Acronym finder.
  • Read about a LifeWay study that “adds doubt about Pew poll’s claims regarding evangelicals’ ‘universalism”.
  • Read early reviews on the new iphone at Macworld.
  • Read Newsweek article asking “Who was more important:  Lincoln or Darwin?”
  • Read about “hypermiling” (and its dangers).

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