What’s been going on…

Just a few quick notes on what’s been going on the last few days…

  • We’ve have finally begun a long planned/thought about redo of our playroom.  This room has been great for us and for the kids, as it has allowed us to keep the living room free of toys and the various acrutrements of our children.  In our 1953 ranch house, this was the former carport – which translates into a long skinny room.  When we moved in we were happy with the paint color (think milk chocolate), but we are changing it to a much lighter color called butternut cream.  The other part of the project is to replace the carpet.  Currently, it is a green carpet a slight step above that indoor/outdoor stuff (no pad underneath).  The kids have enjoyed painting along side their parents and it has been fun (mostly) to have them.
  • I spent Saturday at presbytery in the Richmond area and then had a very nice evening with some neighbors/friends over for dinner and dessert.
  • Note about the blog design:  I got frustrated that my header was not showing up and so I ended up trying a new theme (to no avail).  Ultimately, the problem was with Amazon S3 service, which wordpress uses for hosting.  The end result:  trying out the new theme and a new header (for the record that is a picture of my father’s famous rock wall).  I’ll bring back the old header (with the kids) and we’ll see about the theme.
  • We are looking forward to a very quick trip to D.C. later this week for a little away time for Lydia and I.  We are celebrating our ten-year anniversary in early August!
  • Can’t believe July is near over.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Hey, I’m going to D.C. area this weekend. That would be embarrassing if I bumped into you… If I see you I’ll duck behind something.


  2. Posted by adamtisdale on July 22, 2008 at 2:39 pm

    That’s the real reason we’re going – to keep an eye on you and make sure you don’t make any trouble!


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