Reflections on Preaching

Here are a few reflections from my four-week sermon series on leadership.  These thoughts are primarily focused upon the task and art of preaching.

  • Knowing what I would be preaching on in the coming weeks actually gave me a “box” to put various ideas, illustrations, Scriptures, etc…  While I may not have used a lot of that material, there was comfort in having a place for these items.
  • Similarly, I found my reading was more profitable as well.  That is, there was often correspondence between what I was reading and what I was preaching on.  This may not always be true, but there were several times that I would stumble across a thought or passage citation that connected with other thoughts.
  • The sermons I preached in this leadership series were a little different in starting point.  I am more comfortable and probably a better preacher when I preach expository sermons, but there are times when topical or textual sermons are appropriate and/or needed.  So, in that regard, it doesn’t hurt to practice and work at preaching in a manner that I am unaccustomed to doing.  My main concern was that I not force a text to say something that it doesn’t – I think I was successful in this regard.
  • Preaching was fun.  It’s not that that hasn’t been true, but I felt a joy in preaching that I am not sure I had before.
  • I thought I might be relieved when I was done, exhausted even.  I actually had a very different reaction:  Last Thursday, when I might have been doing sermon prep, I found myself feeling aimless and sad.  I didn’t immediately make the connection, but I was missing preaching.  I am glad that I will preaching again the second and third week of August.
  • I now see in a much fuller way how preaching God’s Word fulfills my calling as a pastor and a leader – this is a very good discovery for sure.  It is not just a task or item on my to do list.  It is my calling, so that I can rightly be called “lil’ preacher” (affectionately) as one of the elders at the church does.

3 responses to this post.

  1. As someone who hasn’t read the book, this was still a helpful post…


  2. Great post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on preaching. Thank God for that “Call.” It keeps us going, doesn’t it?
    Thanks again,


  3. Posted by adamtisdale on July 26, 2008 at 1:39 pm

    Thanks drjmarkh! Indeed, the “Call” has get me going any number of times.

    Looks like I could get lost for awhile on your website…


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