Bad Spidey! Bad!

You may remember our friendly outside spider from this post a week and half ago.  I’ve taken to calling him “Spidey” and though I don’t like spiders, I have enjoyed watching him build his webs day after day.  Because he builds a web over our screen door, we periodically break part of it and he has to start again.  Also, the kids have enjoyed looking for him in the morning or when we arrive home from somewhere.  You could say he was becoming a part of the family.

Until today when I discovered this…

This is unacceptable behavior in my mind.  I was okay with him being outside and doing his thing, but it is absolutely not okay to get in the shower with me!

Using one of my children’s bug catchers and a stick, I stuck him outside until I could decide what to do with him.  I made my decision:  he would live, but not near us.  The children were crestfallen when I told them of Spidey’s fate.  I said, “Spidey has been bad and he can’t live with us anymore.”  (This could also result in better behavior from the kids 😉  So this morning, I brought him to the church (where he can get some religion!) and let him out near a tree.  I will confess I considered letting him out at the corner of Va Beach Blvd & Kempsville, but I resisted the urge.

My friend who identified the spider as an orb spider also comforted me with the fact that Spidey very well could be a girl and has probably left some eggs…Noooo!  Thanks, thanks alot for that.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Fun post! Well written. It brightened my day and made me laugh especially the part about resulting in better behavior from the kids! Fantastic! 🙂

    Change the subject. I was looking at the “About” you page and I notice you mention you’re a PCA pastor. Did your church ever do any work with Grace Presbyterian Church in Williamsburg, VA?

    I believe that is where my older brother Mike Van Arsdale used to attend. He was an elder. Also, my father is a PCA pastor, and I attend Harvest Presbyterian Church (PCA)in Ohio. I think it’s so cool to have found a PCA pastor blogging about his family, faith, life, and the culture. Thanks for being vulnerable and honest. Keep at it brother! I’ll lift you up in prayer before our great King.

    P.S. I did enjoy your thoughts two days ago about people pleasing. Good reminders. I’ll check out the book.

    Tim Van Arsdale
    You’ve Got Spam! a refreshing collection of e-mails regarding mercy ministry


  2. Posted by Gina on August 16, 2008 at 9:14 am

    This is too weird. My husband Tag worked with Mike in Heritage of America Band at Langley. When we first saw your comment, we thought “How many Van Arsdales could there be?” Small world.


  3. Gina:

    That is so cool. It’s the same “Van Arsdale.” I miss my brother and sister-in-law already. They were transfered to Anchorage, Alaska. Haven’t heard from them yet but I know they made it there safely.

    Who’s your husband? I’ll have to tell Mike & Tina the next time I talk to them about this blog and connecting with you all.

    It is a small world. Thanks for the reply.

    Tim Van Arsdale
    You’ve Got Spam! a refreshing collection of e-mails regarding mercy ministry


  4. Posted by adamtisdale on August 16, 2008 at 2:04 pm


    Gina beat me to the punch. Yes, I know Mike first through the Tucks and through Grace Covenant. I had the same thought as Gina and then dismissed the thought that you could be related to Mike. Now we can all join cyber-hands and sing “It’s a small world”. Thanks for helping make the connections.

    And thank you for your encouragement on the blog – this has been an interesting venture for me. Very cool to make another PCA connection.



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