Vacation: the good, the bad, & the ugly

We got back into town late last night from our two week vacation time of visiting family and friends.  It felt great to get away from things here, but it also feels great to be home again.  I think that is one of the biggest blessings of the time that we get to take off…feeling very happy to be home (that goes beyond just being happy to be in your own bed or your stuff).  Here is a rundown of some of our time away.

The Good

  • Getting to see family and old friends.  This included spending the better part of two weeks with my brother.  We also got to see L’s brother briefly.
  • E & K getting to spend time with grandparents from my side of the family.  My hope, though their time is limited, that my children will continue to develop strong ties with all of their grandparents and that great memories will be a part of their remembrances of their time with them.  In this regard, I think my dad and stepmother do an incredible job of helping their grandchildren explore their world and create lasting memories in the process.  I am appreciative of the way that all of our parents love our children and we got to see that again during this time.
  • Having some time to ourselves for a couple of days.
  • Going to Athens and having some great food and drink.  Good company too (L’s brother).
  • Hitting golf balls at the driving range with my brother & driving the cart during one of his rounds.
  • Taking the kids bowling for the first time!  And then going again with my brother & niece.
  • Just taking it easy:  no agendas, no schedules, etc…
  • The start of the college football season.
  • Taking part in a live fantasy football draft.
  • Ending my time video game performance (I always play with my brother) on a good note.  I lost more than I won, for sure.
  • Playing Stratego (another tradition with my brother).
  • Seeing the sovereign hand of God at work, especially during frustrating times and difficult circumstances.

The Bad

  • Having our plans to visit L’s extended family in Jacksonville and Tampa & friends in Gainesville frustrated by weather and car problems.
  • Tropical Storm Fay kept us from traveling initially to Jacksonville on a Wednesday.
  • Our car breaking down kept us from traveling a few days later to Tampa.
  • I spent a whole day dealing with our car.  It was towed to a dealership (a Thursday night), then towed to another repair shop (Friday morning), and then I drove it back to the dealership.  Finally, I found out what the problem had been the night before:  a bad engine coil.  Thankfully, it was under warranty and that would not have been true in just a few hundred more miles.

The Ugly

  • My golf swing
  • My bowling swing
  • Getting stung in the neck by a yellow jacket at a playground.

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Tag Tuck on September 2, 2008 at 12:43 am

    I’ve heard of a “thorn in the flesh”, but I have to ask if His grace was sufficient even for a bee sting in the neck? It was? I figured as much even though it must have hurt!
    Glad you guys made it back in one piece!


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