August Books

I don’t know why, other than sheer optimism, but I keep taking massive piles of books with me on vacation and touch/read/open very few of them.  I suppose it’s not a bad thing to take a break from the reading, especially since a lot of the reading that I do is tied to the church/my work.  Once again, I present to you a list of books that I completed in August – all three of them!

Manalive by G.K. Chesterton:  Chesterton is one of my favorite writers/thinkers and he did not disappoint with this story of Innocent Smith, a man who does some strange things – all to show others what it means to truly live.  While the reading was slow due to Chesterton’s style and how language usage changes over a hundred years (Manalive was written in 1912).  This was a laugh out loud kind of book and full of great thoughts.  One of the ways that Chesterton makes you think is by showing the logical conclusions of our own philosophies, a place we often do not go.

City of Bones by Michael Connelly:  Another Detective Harry Bosch story.  The content is not always easy or pleasant in these books, but it does help to see how others approach the fallenness of this world – even if through the eyes of a fictional detective.  In this particular book, we get more of the worldview of Bosch, particularly in response to a character who represents a faith, possibly even a Christian position.  Bosch, while disdainful of what he calls the “blue religion”, holds to a form of it.  He deals with fallenness by doing his part, even if small, to make things right.  This is admirable, but ultimately we are incapable of making right what we have made wrong.

What Is a Healthy Church Member? by Thabiti Anyabwile: This is a very accessible book the layperson, though pastors would benefit from reading this book as well.  I read a lot of books on the nature of the church and what the church should be about, but many of these books fail to address one of the most important components of a church – its members.  Anyabwile presents Ten Marks (this book comes from 9Marks Ministries) of a healthy church member followed by some questions and often further reading suggestions.  Here are the chapter headings/marks that are covered:

1. A healthy church member is an expositional listener
2. A healthy church member is a biblical theologian
3. A healthy church member is gospel Saturated
4. A healthy church member is genuinely converted
5. A healthy church member is a biblical evangelist
6. A healthy church member is a committed member
7. A healthy church member seeks discipline
8. A healthy church member is a growing disciple
9. A healthy church member is a humble follower
10. A healthy church member is a prayer warrior

This was a very good book and I am currently trying to think about the best way to use it to benefit our congregation.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Thanks Adam,
    The Healthy Church Member book looks good, I’ll have to add that to my list!


  2. Glad you recommend that book – I had looked at it online and wondered whether it was worthwhile. Looks like a good book for a new members class *or* booktable *or* to give to someone once they become a member.


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