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While I think the new Genius mode in itunes is cool, particularly because I am often in the mood for particular styles of music, rather than just for a particular artist or album, I have been creating a mix using keyword in the search box.  For instance, recently I have been listening to a mix of songs that have the word “light” in the song title (I did “rain” last Friday after we had so much rain at the end of the week).  Here is what I have been listening to from this mix (excluding albums that have “light” in the title):

  • Salt & Light by Ashley Cleveland (Roaring Lambs Compilation)
  • Where Does the Light Fall by Bill Mallonee (Dear Life)
  • Hold the Light by Caedmon’s Call (Overdressed)
  • Fill Me With Your Light by Clem Snide (This is Americana 2)
  • When I Light Your Darkened Door by Damien Jurado (Live performance)
  • Marvelous Light by Derek Webb (City on a Hill compilation)
  • I’m Standing in the Light by Dr. Dog (Paste Magazine Music Sampler 39)
  • When the Lights Go Out by Derek Webb & Sandra McCraken (Ampersand EP)
  • Sometimes a Light Surprises by Indelible Grace (Pilgrim Days)
  • Is the Light Burning by Jan Krist (Decapitated Society)
  • Real Light by The Jayhawks (Tomorrow the Green Grass)
  • Miles from the Lightning by Jeffrey Foucault (Miles from the Lightning)
  • Daylight by Jeremy Casella (Recovery)
  • Waiting on the Light to Change by Matthew Perryman Jones (Throwing Punches in the Dark)
  • In the Morning Light by Mo Leverett (For the Benefit of Desire)
  • In the Light of Common Day by Phil Keaggy (Beyond Nature)
  • Vacant Light by Romantica (It’s Your Weakness the I Want)
  • Reinventing Light by Southeast Engine (A Wheel Within A Wheel)
  • City of Blinding Lights by U2 (How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb)
  • Red Light by U2 (War)
  • Certain Slant of Light by Vigilantes of Love (Blister Soul)
  • When You’re Blinded by the Light by Vigilantes of Love (Across the Big Pond)
  • Bar Lights by Whiskeytown (Pneumonia)

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  1. Posted by Helen Lee on October 2, 2008 at 11:34 am

    I don’t know about this genius mode (how can it have slipped past me with Albert and Jacob in the house?), but what you’re doing reminds me of Bob Dylan’s radio show on XM radio. Have you heard it?


  2. Posted by adamtisdale on October 3, 2008 at 2:22 pm

    I have not heard of Dylan’s radio show…Genius Mode is part of the most recent itunes upgrade. It works a lot like Pandora – it creates a list of your songs that have similar musical qualities.


  3. i never thought of doing that, but it’s a great idea. i just tried it with my library with the word “light” as well, not really expecting much to show up. turns out i have 39 songs! from the doors to norah jones to jars of clay to jimi hendrix to talking heads to some old bluegrass. crazy. i’m gonna have to start doing this from now on.


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