Good Reminder during political season

Here’s a good reminder during this political season from Mark Driscoll’s book Vintage Jesus:

Our culture is filled with various people who are proclaimed to be, invarying degrees, messiahs.  These messiahs include, for example, politicians who propose to save and deliver us from a terrible fate such as terrorism, poverty, or unreasonable taxation.  Such messiahs are surrounded by passionate followers who make sacrifices to support their messiah.  However, once their messiah fails to get elected, their support base dwindles and people either give up hope or go searching for another messiah to trust in.

Driscoll goes on to say that the lives of the early disciples did not follow this pattern, for though Christ would never win a popular election, he did rise from the grave.  Therefore, Christ became their only hope and He is our only hope.  Especially, if we want change to be real and not just a slogan.


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