Some Good Thoughts/Links

Read Books Not Blogs:  Here are the main points…

Books require more reflection from the reader

Books are the result of much reflection from the writer

Books bring accountability

The author of this post, Stephen Altrogge, provides more thoughts on each of these main points.  Personally, I have found it helpful to generally restrict my blog reading to blogs of friends and the articles they recommend (with a few exceptions).   Otherwise, surfing the blogosphere could be a serious temptation and/or waste of time – my blog excluded, of course.

Five Trends in the Church Today (D.A. Carson)

Gospel Diagnostics

These links are via pastor & friend David Zavadil.

My friend Ed, has a good post here titled What It means to love the sinner and hate the sin.

Also, sign up to receive email updates from this blog:  Of First Importance.  Yes, that was a command.  By getting new blog posts by email, I make sure I don’t miss a daily dose of Gospel truth.  I am finding I need this more and more.


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