A Journey Worth Taking: Fall (Part 1 of 2)

You can read more about what I am doing and see a schedule for reading/posting here.  First post is here.  Second post is here.  Third is here.

In A Journey Worth Taking, Charles Drew is using a “theology map” to look at the topic of calling and purpose.  Drew moves from Creation to Fall in chapters 8-11  and these are the chapters we’ll consider the next two weeks.

Regardless of whether someone accepts the biblical teaching on the Creation and the fall of man, we all know that something is not right with us and with our world.  It is virtually undeniable.  Drew writes in chapter eight:

The doctrine of creation fills us with enthusiasm and hope as we set out to find our place in the scheme of things.  And then we bump into ‘real life.’…What’s wrong?  We are fallen creatures living in a fallen world.”

Drew goes on to describe some of the ways that we experience the fall in our lives, particularly with regard to our calling:  this includes nature, relationships with people and institutions, and our own fallen nature (“Nature sabotages calling, we sabotage each other’s callings, and we sabotage our own callings”).  In short, we find ourselves frustrated in our calling and our labors because of the reality of our falleness.

In chapter nine, Drew delves more deeply into the crux of our own sabotage:  idolatry.  I think he makes a particularly germaine point here about the way we allow our secondary calling or self-discovery to “eclipse” our primary calling to love God.  As a result, both aspects of calling are misplaced – not to even mention the call to service.  Again, I think this something most of us can understand and see, both in ourselves and in others.  Particularly convicting for me, was the section on how this can be just as true for those in full-time vocational ministry – nope, we’re not immune to this either.

Any thoughts or questions from those reading along?


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