Now Listening: David Berkeley

Seriously, I am listening to David Berkeley just about everyday.  I have really been captured by his sensitive and “real” writing coupled with varied, but mostly acoustic instrumentation/”stylings” that really matches the song-writing.  This is what good music should be.   I first heard David Berkeley on this episode of This American Life (a great episode, by the way).

I bought his first album on emusic (let me know if you want to give emusic a try) and I have been streaming the cross-section of songs available on the website.  My favorite songs are “Hurricane”, “Oh Lord, Come Down”, and “The Only Broken Man”.  The latter two songs create quite a juxtaposition as they come right after another on the website.  The first recognizes our brokenness and cries out to the Lord, whereas the second seems to express some disappointment that God has not responded or that He has not met expectation (false though they may be).  I do not know what Berkeley’s thought are towards Christianity, but there is certainly thoughtful interactions with concepts most larger than pop music is inclined to address.  Thus, part of the goodness here.

Here’s a live performance of “Miss Maybe”


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