Adventues in Church Signs

You may have heard or seen this church sign tomfoolery featuring dueling church signs regarding perspecitves on the eternal salvation of animals.  While amusing, the signs were faked/photoshopped using Church Sign Generator.

Well, going to church this weekend we passed a Lutheran church that had this sign up:

Did you enjoy the warmer weather?  Just kidding! – God

That’s exactly how I want the Lord to be presented to our community.  You know, a capricious deity that messes with us for his entertainment or on a whim.  No, I don’t want people to know that the Lord is a good God who sovereignly ordains all that comes to pass for His glory and the ultimate blessing of those who turn to him in faith.  Yep, let’s go with a fickle, flaky, or arbitrary God – that’s what people believe in anyway.


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