A Journey Worth Taking: Part 5 – Consummation

With Part 5 (Consummation: The View from the Top) of A Journey Worth Taking, we reach the last part of Charles Drew’s book.  In previous sections, Drew helped us to see the implications of Creation, The Fall, and Redemption on our purpose and calling in this world.

There were a couple of thoughts that jumped out at me in the first three chapters of this section:

  • “We seemed to be hard-wired for the future”.  This is true even thous we struggle with our view of the present and find it hard to hope for a different future.  But there is something more to this life and more to come – our hopes serve to confirm this and direct us to the Object of all of our ultimate longings.  (Chapter 15)
  • We are functional secularists.  “We have bought the line that this is the only life…we are desperate to keep our options open because, deep down, we believe that this is the only life – or lest the only life in which fun and interesting things happen.”  Understanding the consummation – the completion of God’s redemption in our lives and in this world – should help us to understand that we will live in this life best, by living in light of the ultimate purposes and promises of God. (Chapter 16)
  • There is a good reminder in chapter 17 about the importance of relationships and people.

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