Free + Good + Music = more goodness

Phil Wickham has a live album called Singalong for free here (as long as you are okay with signing up for his newsletter).  I am not tremendously familiar with Wickham, though I had heard his song “Divine Romance” somewhere and I like it (see the Youtube video below).  I have not given an extended listen to Singalong yet, but there is something captured from this show that I really like.  Sonically, it many not have the best quality, but I love that the crowd that is present is belting out every song with Wickham.  I particularly like this on the hymns that Wickham includes in this set and it reminds of what it is like to sing in the midst of a full church (and maybe even a glimpse of what heaven might sound like).  Anyway, I love the opportunity to get a hold of a new artist at a great price (can’t beat free).


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  1. Posted by r0ck0n on November 30, 2008 at 9:52 pm

    I actually saw/met Phil Wickam a year or two ago, he was virtually unknown but was touring with David Crowder Band. I remember him being pretty good. Good enough, anyway, that when I came home I looked him up again and downloaded his album, but I honestly don’t remember too much else about it. I’m glad I stumbled across your blog, I’ll have to check him out again 🙂

    rock On!


  2. thanks for stumbling my way!


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