Christmas Prayer/Pastoral Prayer

I prayed this as part of the pastoral prayer at Calvary yesterday:

King of Kings, Lord of Lords,
We bow our hearts and heads before you this morning.
As Christmas nears, we pray for a sense of wonder
a sense of amazement at the way that you have chosen to enter into our sin-sick, wicked, and depraved world.
Heavenly Father, this Christmas we pray for:
The faith of Mary to trust your Sovereign will
The steadfastness of Joseph, though we may not understand your ways.
The wonder of the Shepherds who received the most amazing news
The endurance of the wise men, who journeyed from afar to give their gifts
The voice of a multitude of angels, to sing “Glory to God in the highest”

Father, in you, what once was an overwhelming flood of our guilt and sin, has become the ocean of your grace.  In Christ, born of Mary, suffering the pains of this world, and death on a Cross – we find our life.  Amidst all that we face this Christmas season:  uncertainty, guilt, loneliness, debt, disappointment, despair, grief….Would  you cause your star to rise, that once again we might follow, to see our King born to give us new life, new birth.


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  1. Thank you for your prayer. Appreciated it very much. I have been retired for a number of years and have been asked again to fill a pulpit. The morning prayer has always been important to me but I am afriad I do it very poorly when I do not know the people nor the church. Using some of your prayer helps very much. Thank you.


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