Help My Unbelief – Year in Review

At  the 4 month mark of blogging, I posted my reflections on blogging (I started blogging in April)  At that time, I gave some stats on the blog and thought I would do the same here at the end of the year for the sake of  posterity (or something):

231 posts
4 pages
21 Categories
162 Tags
324 Approved Comments
480 Spam caught by Askimet
6321 total views/hits (coming from all over the world now)

And following the lead of Unashamed Workman (sort of), here are the top posts on this blog during the year (excluding the pages, which are actually receive the most visits):

  1. Movies As Sermon Illustrations? (88 views)  This is also the most commented upon post
  2. Quick Hitter:  College Football Helmet Quiz
  3. Don’t Eat the Raisin Cakes:  I think I get a lot of hits on this from people looking for the meaning of the Raisin Cakes in Hosea 3.  The ironic thing is that this post is more about studying Scripture than about the answer to that question.
  4. Reflections on the Dark Knight

Bonus:  Thou Shalt Text? has been getting a lot of traffic recently as it was linked on the Preaching Today Blog here (the last link on the page).


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