The Shack – Compendium of Reviews/Resources

Here is a glut of linked resources on The Shack (full disclosure:  these are not favorable reviews).  The interview with the author referenced at the beginning of the post is interesting – the author responds to some of the theological concerns raised within the book.

(HT:  Challies)


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  1. Heard the interview. The author will be speaking at a large church in my area. The last talk he gave he said “God is embedded in all of us.”

    Here, if you’re interested is an article drawing comparison between the A.A. “higher power” and the redesigned “god” of The Shack.


  2. John: Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment – I will take a look at your article sometime soon.


  3. Posted by Gina on March 12, 2009 at 11:59 am

    Have you and Lydia read The Shack? What do you think? Is Calvary as a whole promoting or distancing itself from it?


  4. Lydia and I are of different opinions on the book, but neither of us has read the book. Personally, I have a lot of deep concerns about the book. I do not think Calvary necessarily has a stance, though I have talked with a couple of elders who have read the book. I would be opposed to promoting it in the church, though I do not oppose people reading it – especially if they are willing to do so critically (I don’t mean negatively by that).


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