The Open Sourcebook: Two Prayers for Holy Week

I’ve add The Open Sourcebook to my RSS reader and have enjoyed some of the worship resources that have been posted recently.  Here are two poems for the next two days that are worth our contemplation (and praying), with thanks to Nathan Bierma for posting them:

Prayer for Maundy Thursday:  “In the Garden…”

Lord Jesus,

In the garden you agonized while we slept.
In the garden you pleaded to be freed from the jaws of death.
In the garden you sweat and bled in desperation.
In the garden you yielded to your Father’s will.
In the garden you heard the soldiers’ footsteps.
In the garden you were kissed in betrayal.
In the garden you submitted to the darkness
to bring us eternal light.

We praise your name forever. Amen.

Prayer for Good Friday:  “For us”

Lord Jesus,
wounded God.

For us you turned yourself in.
For us you felt the whip on your back.
For us you kept silent as false accusations swirled.
For us you marched to the place of death.
For us you were nailed to a cross.
For us you breathed your last.

All for us, though we were undeserving.

Blessed be your name forever. Amen.


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