2 Posts for Pastors or understanding pastors

First read this post titled Why are pastors so needy? (HT:  Matt via facebook)

Then go read my friend Ken’s post Every pastor needs a pastor

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  1. Posted by Gina on July 1, 2009 at 3:24 pm

    That first article really hit it on the head, although in some sense, I think Christians in general are in “emotional denial”. Aren’t we all called to stifle our natural (read: sinful, selfish) responses to other needy people? And is it wrong to hold pastors to a higher standard? There’s that tension between being the leader for a reason and being no different than anyone else. (To say nothing of the expectations on pastors’ wives!)

    Do you know what Bill Hybels’ article he was referencing? I’d like to read more about “self-leadership”.


  2. Gina…you are right, of course, about there being differences for a reason. I think the better thing to do, rather than simply suffering, is finding fellow pastors or close friends removed from your situation that can be a sounding board.

    I am not aware of the Hybels’ article.


  3. Thanks for the link.

    Hybels has a chapter on Self-leadership in his book “Courageous Leadership”. The quote I got from an old audio cassette from the series that the Willow Creek association used to send out to its members. The tape was entitled “The Art of Self-Leadership”. I just found the cover to it, it was Volume 73 of their “Defining Moments” series. I listened to a bunch of these things 10 years ago but this one stuck with me. pvk


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