I get it…I got it…Over the Grave

I ordered a copy of Sojourn’s (a ministry of Sojourn Community Church) new CD Over the Grave: The Hymns of  Isaac Watts (Vol. 1) yesterday after being instructed to by several friends.  I have really enjoyed listening to their previous albums over the past 6 months or so.  So, after reading the words of praise for this new album – I broke down and bought a hard copy (set you back $14 including shipping; an expense I expect to be entirely worth it.).  The album is not yet on itunes or emusic (or other outlets), but that is expected in the fall.  I now anxiously await the CD’s arrival.  In the interim, I have been listening to 3 of the songs on Sojourn’s myspace page.

From the website:

As musicians, pastors and songwriters, our desire was to explore the hundreds of hymns that Watts wrote during his lifetime, to learn from the incredible range and depth of his lyrics, and to re-envision those songs with modern language and melodies.  In particular, we gravitated towards themes that seem unfortunately absent in modern worship — themes about God’s wrath and judgment, His righteousness, and a dramatic vision of the cross and atonement of Christ.”

Reviews/Thoughts by friends:

Shannon Lewis

Matt Redmond (not Matt Redman)

Matt Adair

and a  bonus review by Ed Stetzer (not a friend, but probably could be).


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