I Heart McKay (and used bookstores in general)

Like most pastors, I love books.  Consequently, I love used bookstores. At least, the ones like McKay’s.  McKay’s has that rare combination of great prices and great selection.  So, a couple of weekends ago, on a trip up to Knoxville to celebrate my grandfather’s 90th birthday, we stopped ever so briefly at the Chattanooga location of McKay’s.  We had a limited time inside the store – about ten minutes each, while the kids ate lunch in the car.  Here’s what I picked up on Saturday.

Galatians by R. Alan Cole:  This is a part of the Tyndale New Testament Commentaries Series.  I am not familiar with Cole, but I like this series in general.  ($3.75)

The Book of Isaiah – EJ Young:  This is a three-volume set.  Young taught at Westminster Seminary in Philadelphia. ($3.75/volume)

Deuteronomy by Christopher Wright:  I enjoyed reading Wright’s book Knowing Jesus Through the Old Testament in seminary and have relatively few commentaries on Deuteronomy. ($3.75)

The Practices of  Healthy Church:  Biblical Strategies for Vibrant Church Life and Ministry by Donald MacNair:  I actually already had this book on my shelf, but I was not sure.  In cases, like that, I find someone to give the book too if I do indeed already have it.  I was glad to be reminded of this book, as I am beginning to use with our Session to think through our health at North Hills.  In having just read the preface and first chapter, I appreciate MacNair’s emphasis on church health, rather than “church growth”. ($2)

Encountering the New Testament by Elwell and Yarbrough:  I wasn’t sure about getting this, since I have other New Testament Overviews or Introductions, but I was sucker for the price ($3).  It also came with a CD, but I have not checked that out.

It is a good thing that a). I didn’t have more time and b). that we don’t live any closer to these locations.  Even at great prices, I would go broke buying books!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Adam, if you haven’t found a recipient for the macnair book yet, I’ll send you two bucks for it…


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