Letters to My Sheep: Open Eyes & Willing Hands

This Sunday, you’ll show up (I hope) to church and we’ll partake of the Lord’s Supper together, as we do on the first Sunday of the month.  Unless you have “open eyes”, it is possible that you will not notice the hands who serve us all by preparing the Lord’s Supper.  It will just be there.  And that, in itself, is a good thing.  But beyond the pastor’s and elder’s hands who administer & distribute the Sacrament, there will were “willing hands” behind the scenes serving you and me.  This scene is repeated week after week and month after month in our and any congregation in a variety of ways.  Unless you have open eyes, you may just show up and find the church decorated for Christmas or for a special event.  Unless you have open eyes, you might just look past the person serving in the nursery.  Oh, they are there and you see them, but how easy it is for us to look past those who serve with willing hands.  Unless you have open eyes, we might not see church members serving on a preschool board, or visiting someone, or even speaking a word of encouragement to another member.  By its very nature, much of this kind of service to the body of Christ, is behind the scenes.  And that is okay.  But, I hope you will consider two things:  first, ask the Lord to give you open eyes to see those who serve our Church and maybe offer a word of thanks or encouragement.  Secondly, if you haven’t found a way to serve the church, pray that the Lord might give you willing hands.  I am sure we could find a way to put them to work!  

“Lord, help me see those who serve your Church and your people.  And help me to know how to use what you have given to be a blessing to others. Amen”

Thank you to those of you who do serve with willing hands in a variety of ways, often in unseen ways.  I thank the Lord for you.  

Next week:  Unseen Prayers (Not all service to the church is done physically!)


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