March 21st Cancer Update

[Context:  I was diagnosed with colon cancer on Feb 28 and had surgery on March 8th to remove the cancerous part of my colon.]

Tomorrow (Friday, March 22nd) will mark two weeks since my surgery to remove a cancerous portion of my colon.  I stayed 5 days in the hospital and have been recovering from home since then.  I can thankfully report that each day I gain in strength and energy, though I am still far from what I might consider 100%.   Though the early news after the surgery was not what we hoped for, we did receive a great report from the surgeon later on.  The pathology report of the portion of the colon that was removed showed “clear margins” (as in they got all that could be seen) on all sides and all of the lymph nodes that were tested were also clear or clean.  We needed that news!

Today I had my post-op appointment with my surgeon to have staples & stitches removed and general follow-up.  The surgeon is encouraged by my progress and overall healing – which, of course, encourages us.  I am thankful for the care I have received from him and his staff – not to mention prayers offered by many of the staff, as well.  Next week I will be seeing two oncologists (one who administers chemotherapy and one who administers radiation) and expect to have PET scan sometime in the near future.  Future treatment still to be determined, but I imagine we will know much more after those appointments.  It continues to feel as if we are on a fast moving train with an unknown destination.  That said, though we continue to live with much uncertainty regarding coming days and weeks, we trust God who knows and orders all for His glory and our good.  That remains our confidence.

Despite all of the unknowns, frustration, fear, and anxiety (to name a few things), there has been a steady stream (and even a flood at times) of God’s grace to us.  The sources of that grace have been many and they have been varied.  I am so thankful for the care of our family, our congregation, our friends, the churches & people of Providence Presbytery, and even brothers & sisters in Christ that I have never met.   Every prayer is a precious gift that wards off the evil One and brings us before the gracious throne of our Heavenly Father.    Thank you feels insufficient, but it is what I can offer you at this point.  So, thank you, sincerely.

Aside from Facebook:  my wife’s blog ( is a further source of information and insight.  Lydia has done an especially good job of capturing our emotions and the suffering of where the Lord has us.  I also have been brainstorming and thinking about how I can communicate how my faith and my cancer have been intersecting, which I hope the Lord might use to encourage others in whatever place of suffering they find themselves.   I am currently up to about 11 topics, so stay tuned.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Adam, link to Lydia’s blog is broken. You are in my prayers often.


  2. Link fixed (thanks). And thanks for many the prayers.


  3. Hi Adam,
    I saw your post on the CCA Facebook page. I am sorry about your recent diagnosis. I was diagnosed with stage 3b colorectal cancer on 2/6/09, at the age of 44. I had surgery (low anterior resection), radiation, and 12 rounds of FOLFOX chemo. Not long after I finished all that, I found out I had stage 2b breast cancer, and went through it all again! I am currently NED (No Evidence of Disease). Although it was all scary and difficult, God showed up in amazing ways. He let me know that even though I had to go through it all, He was right there by my side. For me, it was a time of refining and increasing faith.
    I don’t update my blog as much as I used to, but you are welcome to stop by and read my story.
    I will be praying for you. Keep praising Him in this storm!


    • Thank you for sharing some of your story…I’ve been having some little pity parties today and I appreciate your reminders about our Lord. Not the way I would choose to grow in faith, but it is where The Lord has me (and others) right now. Thank you for reading & commenting. May God bless & keep you!


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