Easter Prayer – 2013

Pastoral Prayer prayed on March 31st, 2013 (Easter) at North Hills Church  [Portion in italics is from The Worship Sourcebook]

Father, Let us live in the hope of the Resurrection of Christ and His complete and utter defeat of our enemies of sin, the evil One, and death.  Let us live in this hope despite the realities of our groaning and longing in this world.  Let us live in this hope when…

Our bodies groan, longing for restoration of health, a return to normal, or just the strength to carry on  another day.

When our hearts groan with a longing for loved ones lost, for reconciliation with a family member of friend, or to be free of fear and anxiety.

When our souls groan, longing for complete freedom from sin that indwells, that dogs our days & nights, and that draws us away from you, our Lord.

When we long to be renewed inwardly and outwardly.   When death seems to prevail, sin seems so powerful, and the Evil One so persuasive.

Renew our Resurrection hope this day, as we worship and reflect on the greater Reality – that Jesus Christ not only died for us, but truly Rose for us.  Renew our heart to know that Christ lives today, intercedes for us, and has completely defeated the Evil One.

And grant to us not just hope, but also gratitude.  That thanksgiving might well up in our hearts again and again, even as we await the completion of your work in us and in this world.

Thanksgiving that you would send your Son to live and die for us.

That you would settle our debt and forgive our transgressions.

That you would grant to us new life through faith in Your Son

That you would adopts us as sons & daughters

That you would give to us your Spirit, a guarantee of life to come and a guardian of life in you.

That you would give to us one another to show grace to one another, t0 encourage & edify, and to bear one  another’s burdens in times of need.

That you would use us as ambassadors and servants in this world.

That you would use North Hills Church to proclaim the excellencies of your mercy.

Living God, you have given us so much in Jesus Christ: hope, joy, and peace.
Above all, you have given us life!  What can we give in return?  If the whole world were ours, it would not be enough. What little we have we humbly offer to you. Thousand, thousand thanks are due, dearest Jesus, unto you.

Remind us that with you, life is never hopeless.  That disappointment, doubt, and despair are never final.  Remind us that though there are tears, there is day when you will wipe every tear from our eyes.  A place where sin, pain, and death have all been eradicated.  Remind us that it is our Risen & Returning Lord who takes us there.   This day, let hope reign and gratitude pour forth from our hearts and lips, regardless of the state we find ourselves in.   In you, we live and move and have our being.  And to you we pray.  In the name of Your Son, Our Savior, Jesus, the One who Rose, Amen

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