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Yesterday was Adam’s first day of chemo and the side effects started while he was still at the cancer center. So far he has, ahem, digestive issues – mostly nausea – and extreme cold sensitivity. Like, cold drinks hurt and washing his hands with cold water feels like plunging them in ice. He also doesn’t want to eat or drink anything, which he really needs to do. On the other hand, I want to eat constantly, which I really need not to do. So here we are for the second day. He was given more nausea meds and a bag of fluids, so hopefully he’ll be more comfortable today and tonight. He is sleeping now, and that should also help a lot.
I was reflecting as I walked in to the building that though I know I am blessed to be able to say that my husband is not

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  1. Sorry it started off so rough, It is a tough regimen. I’m hoping that you were warned about the cold sensitivity? Your oncologist should have went over all the side effects with you (most of us have a “chemo class” before starting chemo). Everything needs to be warmed up, and you’ll need gloves to touch anything cold–even metal cabinet handles. In a few days it should be better, and by the time you are ready for the next round you should be able to have cold things again. But each round it will take longer for the cold sensitivity to go away. My 3rd or 4th round my throat froze up also and I couldn’t swallow, so I started drinking hot tea towards the end of my infusion to keep my throat warm, and that helped a lot. Make sure you have a scarf so you don’t breathe any cool air when you are done with your infusion. Again, this will get worse each round. There are several different anti-nausea meds, so keep trying different ones. You should be getting steroids and at least one anti-nausea med with your infusion, then others to take at home, as needed. I ended up with five different meds, and took them all! The one that worked best for me was Emend, but it is expensive so they don’t usually start you off with it.
    Prayers still coming for you! You can do this!


  2. Thank you Tina for you comments, encouragement, & prayers! I will be getting Emend on the front end of my 2nd cycle. And have several others to take at home. I’m finally beginning to feel myself today. I’ve also already experienced the cold sensitivity!


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