Help My Unbelief

After many years this post remains one of my most popular posts/pages.  I am afraid, you my dear readers, find it unsatisfactory to your needs.  But there is hope out there.   I have posted some of what you may be looking for or at least some direction, whether commentary on Mark 9:24 or the lyrics to a song by that name.   Hopefully, this will be a help to those who stumble upon this blog while searching this amazing statement (I believe, help my unbelief).

My Sermon Manuscript on Mark 9:14-29, can be perused here:

There are scores of sermons and commentaries on Mark 9:24 and surrounding passage at PreceptAustin.  This is an incredible online resource and service to the Church.

In chapter eight of Jerry Bridges’ book Respectable Sins, there is a paragraph that uses the passage in Mark 9 (where the name of this blog comes from). It comes in the context of Bridges discussion on anxiety and frustration and I thought it was worthy to post here separately:

It’s true, however, that oftentimes the situation at hand looms larger in our minds than the promises of God. We then find it difficult to believe the promises. In those times, I find the words of the father of a demon-possessed son encouraging: ‘I believe; help my unbelief!’ (Mark 9:24). There is a vast difference between stubborn unbelief such as was demonstrated by the people of Jesus’ hometown, Nazareth (see Mark 6:5-6), and the struggling faith of the son’s father. God honors our struggles, and the Holy Spirit will help us. The important issue is that we seek to honor God through our faith, even though weak and faltering, rather than dishonoring Him through rank unbelief.”

Help My Unbelief by John Newton (you may of heard of him or at least sung Amazing Grace); Taken from the Gadsby Hymnal – #278. To hear a contemporary version of this hymn and bunch of other great “new” hymns, please visit Red Mountain Music. There is a deep honesty in this hymn that we are often unwilling to admit, but unless we admit our weakness and struggle, we will never be able to call out to our Helper, our Lord. This is one reason these older hymns are so needed and still relevant to the church today.

I know the Lord is nigh,
And would but cannot pray,
For Satan meets me when I try,
And frights my soul away,
And frights my soul away.

I would but can’t repent,
Though I endeavor oft;
This stony heart can never relent
Till Jesus makes it soft,
Till Jesus makes it soft.

Help my unbelief.
Help my unbelief.
Help my unbelief.
My help must come from Thee.

I would but cannot love,
Though wooed by love divine;
No arguments have power to move
A soul as base as mine.
A soul so base as mine.

I would but cannot rest,
In God’s most holy will;
I know what He appoints is best,
And murmur at it still.
I murmur at it still.

Help my unbelief.
Help my unbelief.
Help my unbelief.
My help must come from Thee.

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