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Banner of Hope

I am not inclined to tell you, dear reader, what to do, as I am uncertain of our relationship.  That said, I would highly recommend that you read this story (for more read here).  I love when we see echoes of the Kingdom of God through sports, though it was really through the selfless acts of a school, their football team, and their fans.  If you are friend…read it now!

Great Commercial

Nike consistently has some of the best commercials.  I love how this one recognizes that one moment in time is not just that.  Our lives are much fuller and richer than any one moment and at any one time we have an opportunity to look back and see the providence of God and the many events and people that have shaped our lives to a particular point.  Anyway, kudos to the advertising firm that dreamt this one up.

NFL TV Distribution Maps

The link below may be of interest to a very small segment of my readership…NFL watching (possibly fantasy playing) fans without the benefit of DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket who are at the mercy of games being shown on a regional basis.  Go here to see the distribution maps for the network television games that will be shown in your area.  I can’t help you if you are out of the country.