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Not sure i’ll ever do this

I now have wordpress on my iPhone and am blogging from e’s flag football practice. It’s a beautiful evening for the record. However, I don’t see making a habit of this…I’m a bad blogger using much easier technology -like a computer with full sized keyboard. Still, I can.

Not your typical wedding entrance…

This video is starting to make the rounds – I first saw at Take Your Vitamin Z…if you haven’t seen it yet, take a look.  I have watched this a couple of times and each time it has caused me to smile.

I also like what my friend Ed had to say…here is a snippet of his thoughts:

Other weddings are less traditional, but still capture that spirit. Watch this video of a couple (and their wedding party) that totally embodied the joy, zeal, celebration– and fun– of the wedding event. I think this represents a sense of the magnificence of the moment better than anything I’ve seen in a while, and without knowing the couple or their hearts, I can’t help but think of the biblical intentions of weddings and what they represent and delight in this. As with most weddings, when the bride makes her entrance I tear up, just a little bit, in thinking both of my own wedding and the coming wedding of Christ to His church.

With that, here’s the video:

Fall + Veterans Day = Free Fun

Thanks to all who have and continue to keep us free!

Real Preachers of Genius

(HT:  PastorHacks)

Fall Fun

Beautiful fall day today…a little pumpkin carving – including E being disturbed by the inside of the pumpkin (thus, some of his facial contortions).  K did several faces for me (excited, frustrated, angry, confused).

Interesting Self-Portraits

In preparation for a Parent’s Open House, our children drew self-portraits of themselves.  Here are the results of this little art project.


E - left; K - right

I have to admit I was a little concerned about E’s self-image, until I heard that he was actually drawing himself as a particular Star Wars character (click here to see who).  With or without that knowledge, I suppose child-psychologists may have a field day with these.  One other note…the blue square in E’s mouth is his loose tooth.

Slice of Life: “don’t let him see this”

Context:  Last night.  My wife is out to dinner with some friends and E & K are having what we call “snuggle” time, but is really just a brief and hopefully quiet playtime for the kids before they are separated for bedtime.

This little episode starts with me hearing the sound of what might be a large bucket of legos being dumped out all over the floor in E’s room (we have hardwood floors).

Me:  Don’t make a mess (is there anything more ineffectual than yelling from another room not to make a mess, when you know good and well the mess has already happened?)

E & K:  No response

Twenty minutes later…E comes out to tell me that he needs to use the bathroom.  On his way to the bathroom he stops to give some instructions to K.  He, of course thinks he is being quiet and actually whispers:  Don’t let him see this!

Being the brilliant father that I am, I put the loud sound of legos together with E’s “whispered” instructions.  Now, you might think that I would go to investigate at that point, but no, I showed remarkable restraint and waited until E was back in his room.  I gently poked my head in the door to see my son surrounded by a thousand lego pieces scattered across the floor of his room (I don’t think this is hyperbole). 

E:  you weren’t suppose to see this.

Me: Ah, yes son, I know.  You’ll have to clean this up soon.

Later, I asked him what he was doing and he told me that he had been looking for particular pieces so that he could make a special helicopter gunship (he is a boy afterall).  And, to his credit, he cleaned up and talked his sister into helping – at least a little.  And yes, I helped some too.

itunes Music Fun

While I think the new Genius mode in itunes is cool, particularly because I am often in the mood for particular styles of music, rather than just for a particular artist or album, I have been creating a mix using keyword in the search box.  For instance, recently I have been listening to a mix of songs that have the word “light” in the song title (I did “rain” last Friday after we had so much rain at the end of the week).  Here is what I have been listening to from this mix (excluding albums that have “light” in the title):

  • Salt & Light by Ashley Cleveland (Roaring Lambs Compilation)
  • Where Does the Light Fall by Bill Mallonee (Dear Life)
  • Hold the Light by Caedmon’s Call (Overdressed)
  • Fill Me With Your Light by Clem Snide (This is Americana 2)
  • When I Light Your Darkened Door by Damien Jurado (Live performance)
  • Marvelous Light by Derek Webb (City on a Hill compilation)
  • I’m Standing in the Light by Dr. Dog (Paste Magazine Music Sampler 39)
  • When the Lights Go Out by Derek Webb & Sandra McCraken (Ampersand EP)
  • Sometimes a Light Surprises by Indelible Grace (Pilgrim Days)
  • Is the Light Burning by Jan Krist (Decapitated Society)
  • Real Light by The Jayhawks (Tomorrow the Green Grass)
  • Miles from the Lightning by Jeffrey Foucault (Miles from the Lightning)
  • Daylight by Jeremy Casella (Recovery)
  • Waiting on the Light to Change by Matthew Perryman Jones (Throwing Punches in the Dark)
  • In the Morning Light by Mo Leverett (For the Benefit of Desire)
  • In the Light of Common Day by Phil Keaggy (Beyond Nature)
  • Vacant Light by Romantica (It’s Your Weakness the I Want)
  • Reinventing Light by Southeast Engine (A Wheel Within A Wheel)
  • City of Blinding Lights by U2 (How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb)
  • Red Light by U2 (War)
  • Certain Slant of Light by Vigilantes of Love (Blister Soul)
  • When You’re Blinded by the Light by Vigilantes of Love (Across the Big Pond)
  • Bar Lights by Whiskeytown (Pneumonia)

New Definition of a Sports Car

This morning, while I was taking the kids to school, E (5 1/2 years old) suggested that the car in front of us was a sports car.  I found this curious as the car in question was a Volkswagen Bug (new style), but E was not thinking of the traditional definition of a sports car.  In fact, I was driving a sports car (a Hyundai Santa Fe)!  So here is the new definition of a sports car:  any car with a sticker for a sports team on it.   There are a lot of sports cars out on the road using this new criteria!

Caption Contest

We saw this on Hwy 58 on our way down to Georgia in August.  It struck me as odd/funny/needing a caption.

Vacation: the good, the bad, & the ugly

We got back into town late last night from our two week vacation time of visiting family and friends.  It felt great to get away from things here, but it also feels great to be home again.  I think that is one of the biggest blessings of the time that we get to take off…feeling very happy to be home (that goes beyond just being happy to be in your own bed or your stuff).  Here is a rundown of some of our time away.

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Travelogue (1)

Notes from the road:

  • The first drive of our journey was uneventful, but felt a little long.  Just under nine hours in the car was plenty for me!
  • The next leg of journey has been delayed and possibly canceled.  We were suppose to travel down to Jacksonville, FL today.  However, it seems we would have arrived about the same time as Tropical Storm/Hurricane Fay.  Great timing!  So, we are sitting tight here in Atlanta and adjusting our schedule.  We are still hoping to make it to Jacksonville, Tampa, & Gainesville – but we really aren’t sure at this point.
  • Saw a bad accident on the highway yesterday (car flipped over) and it reminded me why we try not to take for granted our traveling mercies.  We pray before the start of every journey that the Lord would keep us safe from others and others safe from us.  Yesterday, L & K prayed for the people in the accident – hopefully everyone is okay.
  • Another travel tradition for our family is starting out every long trip by getting breakfast from Chick-fil-a.  That’s a favorite tradition.
  • We went to see Clone Wars (Star Wars) yesterday.  E has been looking forward to this because he knew that seeing a movie was going to be part of our vacation.  First of all, even the afternoon show was very expensive here in Atlanta ($30 – no wonder we don’t go to see movies more often).  As for the movie:  it felt long and the story-telling was disjointed.  In short, it was mostly about the fight scenes (which were cool for the first five minutes, but after that…).  Anyway, the kids enjoyed it and it could have been worse, but it was nowhere near even the worst Pixar movie.
  • Something that made me laugh:  I had to correct E for touching a mannequin as we entered a store and almost knocking it over.  He was oblivious.  It was in a different store that I was pointing out the mannequins and telling why we keep our hands to ourselves (L thinks that ironic coming from me).  We were in The Children’s Place and E started referring to the girl mannequins as “girlequinns” and boys as “boyequinns.”  Very funny and logical.

Leaving on a Jet Train

That’s a little joke:  I always sing that line wrong and it drive Lydia crazy.  I tend to sing song wrong a lot.  Anyway, we are off for vacation over the next two weeks.  We will be traveling to Georgia and Florida to visit family and friends.  It will also be nice just to have a change of pace and scenery.  Not sure what this will mean for blogging, but I hope to have some time just to think and possibly do some blogging/writing along the way (I’ve already got a few things percolating).  I will not be posting on Running Scared during this time.  So, pray for us if you are so inclined – especially since we are going to have a lot of hours in a small confined space.