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Clean Up on Aisle Life

Life is messy.


I wish it not were not so.  In fact, I’ve gotten pretty good at avoiding messes.  Which is foolish, because you can attempt to avoid or plan your way around them, but things have a way of getting spilt all over the table of your life.  This is what happens when we sin and others sin and we live in a world full of fellow sinners.  And it is what happens in a world wrecked by sin.  We get tornadoes and cancer and death.    




 And I hate tornados and cancer and death (among other things).  They leave messes behind.  Messes that can’t be quickly mopped up with the “quicker picker upper” or whatever the best brand of paper towels happens to be right now.  It takes time and help and hope to deal with such things.



But in the mess we also find Jesus.  Right there in the middle of it all.  Picking up debris and sitting in an infusion center or holding your very heart when you feel it might break into a thousand little pieces.  Jesus is there.  In the mess. With you.  

And He promises that one day there will be no mess (Revelation 21).  For now, cast all your “messes” or anxieties upon Him, because He cares for you (1 Peter 5:7, also Philippians 4:4-7).  Messes, yes. But Jesus too.

Scenes from Bama-lam

“Bama-lam” is our affectionate name for our new state of residence.  Here are some pictures I’ve taken over the first six weeks or so our being here.

Pictures are the sole property of the author and are not intended for commercial use or any type of reproduction or distribution without the prior consent of the author.

Bad Blogger!

I’m a bad blogger…

If you know us, you know the past few months have been interesting to say the least as we work on transitioning down to Huntsville, Alabama so that I can begin a new position (sr. pastor) at North Hills Church (PCA) in Meridianville, Alabama.  Here are some of the highlights and lowlights of the past month:

  • A disappointing near sale of our house over Easter weekend
  • A house hunting trip to AL
  • An amazing, even better than we could have imagined, sale of our house the weekend after Easter (we closed on May 1)
  • Getting a contract finalized on a house in Meridianville and all of the related phone calls, emails, etc… that have gone along with that.
  • Packing up our house…still working on that…
  • Packing up my office (27 boxes of books and notebooks)
  • Replacing the a/c on both of our cars
  • Lydia’s work computer dying, mine on the fritz (they couldn’t figure out what was wrong when I took it in recently…and the problems continue!)
  • Taking our cat to the vet and not being certain of his health (it didn’t look good for a day or two, but he’s better now).
  • Saying goodbye to our church family here at Calvary in Norfolk, VA – we had a farewell on May 3rd.  I preached that Sunday as well and did my last youth group meeting.  It was an incredibly encouraging and exhausting day.
  • Contemplating leaving a place that has really been home (we weren’t just passing through)  to us for the past five years.

I have probably forgotten a few things and intentionally left out some more personal matters that have been a part of the fabric of our lives recently.

Next up:

  • packing our worldly belongings on a trailer (this coming monday, May 18)
  • leaving town on Thursday, May 21 and traveling to Atlanta
  • Saturday, May 23 attending a high school youth group reunion
  • spending time with family
  • traveling to Huntsville on Tuesday and closing on our new home on Wednesday
  • starting work on June 1, installation service on June 7th.

What’s been going on…(Feb 09)

Or why Adam hasn’t been blogging as much recently…

I have found that blogging is one of those things that I enjoy doing out of the margins of my life and my thoughts.  Sometimes those margins are razor thin, if present at all, and this winter has been one of those times.  Thankfully, the reasons surrounding this have been very good:

The command center for helpmyunbelief will be relocating to the Huntsville, Alabama area in the coming months.  The Lord is bringing my term of service here to a close and has given me a new calling:  to serve North Hills Church (PCA) as Senior Pastor.   I have been especially privileged to serve at Calvary Presbyterian Church in Norfolk, Virginia for the past five years after graduating from Covenant Theological Seminary at the end of 2003.  Calvary and her people will always hold a special place in my heart and in my memories.

Here are some of what has happened in the past few months.

  • Beginning of January:  Candidating trip to North Hills.  The church extended a “call” to me after that trip – a call we were excited to receive and felt let by the Lord to accept.
  • We then began working feverishly (mostly on the weekends) to prepare our house for sale.  There has been much painting, fixing, sprucing, cleaining, packing, staging, etc…  Our house went on the market on February 12th.
  • February 10th:  I was received by Providence Presbytery and thus approved to begin serving North Hills.  This required my traveling back down to Huntsville.
  • Much time has also been spent praying, thinking, discussing, re-discussing, etc.. all of these matters.  We seldom (if ever) enter into anything of this nature lightly.  In this regard, I am very thankful for the many prayers that have been made by a close group of friends who have been following this matter closely, as well as the members of both churches.

So, I am sure life will continue to be interesting and provide a good opportunity to continue to grow in faith in the Lord.  So much more could be said regarding theses circumstances, but I will leave it for another time.   Blogging will continue to happen in the margins as I have them. Prayers are always accepted.  The thanks is mine.

Vacation: the good, the bad, & the ugly

We got back into town late last night from our two week vacation time of visiting family and friends.  It felt great to get away from things here, but it also feels great to be home again.  I think that is one of the biggest blessings of the time that we get to take off…feeling very happy to be home (that goes beyond just being happy to be in your own bed or your stuff).  Here is a rundown of some of our time away.

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Bad Spidey! Bad!

You may remember our friendly outside spider from this post a week and half ago.  I’ve taken to calling him “Spidey” and though I don’t like spiders, I have enjoyed watching him build his webs day after day.  Because he builds a web over our screen door, we periodically break part of it and he has to start again.  Also, the kids have enjoyed looking for him in the morning or when we arrive home from somewhere.  You could say he was becoming a part of the family.

Until today when I discovered this…

This is unacceptable behavior in my mind.  I was okay with him being outside and doing his thing, but it is absolutely not okay to get in the shower with me!

Using one of my children’s bug catchers and a stick, I stuck him outside until I could decide what to do with him.  I made my decision:  he would live, but not near us.  The children were crestfallen when I told them of Spidey’s fate.  I said, “Spidey has been bad and he can’t live with us anymore.”  (This could also result in better behavior from the kids 😉  So this morning, I brought him to the church (where he can get some religion!) and let him out near a tree.  I will confess I considered letting him out at the corner of Va Beach Blvd & Kempsville, but I resisted the urge.

My friend who identified the spider as an orb spider also comforted me with the fact that Spidey very well could be a girl and has probably left some eggs…Noooo!  Thanks, thanks alot for that.


  • Insurance Deductible (after minor accident in Jan) = $500
  • Brake Job for family car (Jan) = $300
  • Distributor Cap for my car (Feb) = $900
  • Timing Belt for family car (July) = $600
  • The possibility of having to replace the clutch on family car (now) = $1500 1350
  • Getting to apply the things I’m learning about worry & anxiety from Running Scared as applied to our car repairs = priceless


I hate stupid mapquest directions, poor signage, and traffic circles (and myself for getting frustrated…I think I need to read some chapters of Respectable Sins again).  Other than that I’m in DC to enjoy some time with  my wife (ten years of marriage in August) & sixteen total (or half of my life!).

Update #1:  We walked a mile+ from our hotel to 2 Amy’s Pizzeria.  We sat out on the back deck under a very pleasant sky and enjoyed a great meal together.

  • Appetizer: burratta
  • Main Course:  neapolitan style pizza with prosciutto & onion (sweet).  This was most excellent.
  • Dessert:  coffee & cannoli

What’s been going on…

Just a few quick notes on what’s been going on the last few days…

  • We’ve have finally begun a long planned/thought about redo of our playroom.  This room has been great for us and for the kids, as it has allowed us to keep the living room free of toys and the various acrutrements of our children.  In our 1953 ranch house, this was the former carport – which translates into a long skinny room.  When we moved in we were happy with the paint color (think milk chocolate), but we are changing it to a much lighter color called butternut cream.  The other part of the project is to replace the carpet.  Currently, it is a green carpet a slight step above that indoor/outdoor stuff (no pad underneath).  The kids have enjoyed painting along side their parents and it has been fun (mostly) to have them.
  • I spent Saturday at presbytery in the Richmond area and then had a very nice evening with some neighbors/friends over for dinner and dessert.
  • Note about the blog design:  I got frustrated that my header was not showing up and so I ended up trying a new theme (to no avail).  Ultimately, the problem was with Amazon S3 service, which wordpress uses for hosting.  The end result:  trying out the new theme and a new header (for the record that is a picture of my father’s famous rock wall).  I’ll bring back the old header (with the kids) and we’ll see about the theme.
  • We are looking forward to a very quick trip to D.C. later this week for a little away time for Lydia and I.  We are celebrating our ten-year anniversary in early August!
  • Can’t believe July is near over.

Fortune Cookie

Fortune Cookie message from the other day:

You are a lover of words, someday you will write a book.

It also notified me that my lucky numbers are 8, 11, 24, 25, 34, 38

Another Great Sports Story

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