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Gospel-Centered Reader

This looks like a great list by Timmy Brister:  Gospel-Centered Reader
I’d  love to make my way through this list.  (HT:  JT)

A Blog to read…Andy Darnell’s Mindmap

This is overdue…

I want to recommend a friend’s blog to you:  Andy Darnell’s Mindmap.  Andy is a friend going back to high school and dedicated lay leader in his church.  One of things that I appreciate the most about Andy is his passion for Scripture.  This comes out again and again in his blog.  Also, as a lay leader in Christ’s Church he provides thoughts and perspectives that are helpful for me, as a pastor, to consider.  Anyone for that matter.

Keep up the great work Andy!

Top Commentaries on every book of the Bible

This list, compiled by Keith Mathison, may come in handy.

(HT:  Challies)

Odds & Ends

1.  Finally got around to updating some of the information on the blog, particularly with reference to my location & position here at North Hills Church in Meridianville, AL.

2.  I like the creativity of someone to suggest that William & Mary change their mascot to an Asparagus

The asparagus stalk supporter notes that if served with cheese, the vegetable represents the school colors.

Maybe this has already been thought of but the Aspargus mascot could be called Asparaguy.

3.  World Magazine named the ESV Study Bible the book of the year in their recent books issue.  I certainly have enjoyed it.

4.  I also enjoyed listening to Mosaic Whispers (a coed a capella group out of Washington University in St. Louis) on youtube.  (HT:  JT)

5.  I may get back to more regular blogging one of these days.  Not making any promises…

I Like: Shape Collage

I made the collage below in about 2 minutes, using the free Shape Collage program.  I like.


Odds & Ends (Feb 09)

Once again helping you find the end of the web (it’s out there somewhere – keep looking):

  • Austenbook (If Jane Austen’s novels were on Facebook; particularly funny if you have read the books)
  • NapSounds (for all of your powernap needs – I love a good power nap – they’re just hard to come by these days)

Amazon mp3 Sale

Amazon has the Top Albums of 2008 (50 mp3 albums) for sale for $5…a very good deal methinks.  I downloaded Fleet Foxes – an album I have been wanting to get a hold of and almost downloaded through itunes for $10.  I don’t know how long this sale lasts.

(HT:  Steve Mckoy/Reformissionary)

Quick Links

I like this firefox addon:  Juice

I read about Juice at makeuseof – a website that I might need to make more use of!

Google Zeitgeist 2008

+1 to Google for using the word zeitgeist

Go here to see Google’s 2008 Year-End Zeitgeist – basicaly the most popular searches for 2008.  The link will take you to the page for the US, though it is interesting to look at what’s been popular around the world.

Very Cool: Refrence Rainbow

This is both a very cool and  beautiful visual representation of the interconnected nature of Scripture.

Happy Thanksgiving!

UFC: Monk Version

Ben Witherington reflects on the riot between monks at Church of the Holy Sepulchre a few days ago here.

(HT: friend Chris Curtis via Facebook)

The Prodigal God

Tim Keller’s new book The Prodigal God is now out and is getting great views.  While I have not read this book, Keller’s other book released this year The Reason for God was one of the best things I have read in the last couple of years.  I have listened to the sermon that is the genesis of this book and it can be listened/downloaded here.

Read a review by Derek Melleby (of CPYU) here.

Read a review by Tim Challies here.

Visit the website for the book here.

Tim Keller talks about the book here.

Movie Showtimes Map

This is a cool mashup using google maps (I think) and movie showtimes (from somewhere?).  Zip code is the easiest way to seach.  Seems much quicker and easier to use than other movie showtime sites.  I have not cross-checked the accuracy of the showtimes against anothes site like fandango.