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Travelogue (1)

Notes from the road:

  • The first drive of our journey was uneventful, but felt a little long.  Just under nine hours in the car was plenty for me!
  • The next leg of journey has been delayed and possibly canceled.  We were suppose to travel down to Jacksonville, FL today.  However, it seems we would have arrived about the same time as Tropical Storm/Hurricane Fay.  Great timing!  So, we are sitting tight here in Atlanta and adjusting our schedule.  We are still hoping to make it to Jacksonville, Tampa, & Gainesville – but we really aren’t sure at this point.
  • Saw a bad accident on the highway yesterday (car flipped over) and it reminded me why we try not to take for granted our traveling mercies.  We pray before the start of every journey that the Lord would keep us safe from others and others safe from us.  Yesterday, L & K prayed for the people in the accident – hopefully everyone is okay.
  • Another travel tradition for our family is starting out every long trip by getting breakfast from Chick-fil-a.  That’s a favorite tradition.
  • We went to see Clone Wars (Star Wars) yesterday.  E has been looking forward to this because he knew that seeing a movie was going to be part of our vacation.  First of all, even the afternoon show was very expensive here in Atlanta ($30 – no wonder we don’t go to see movies more often).  As for the movie:  it felt long and the story-telling was disjointed.  In short, it was mostly about the fight scenes (which were cool for the first five minutes, but after that…).  Anyway, the kids enjoyed it and it could have been worse, but it was nowhere near even the worst Pixar movie.
  • Something that made me laugh:  I had to correct E for touching a mannequin as we entered a store and almost knocking it over.  He was oblivious.  It was in a different store that I was pointing out the mannequins and telling why we keep our hands to ourselves (L thinks that ironic coming from me).  We were in The Children’s Place and E started referring to the girl mannequins as “girlequinns” and boys as “boyequinns.”  Very funny and logical.

Leaving on a Jet Train

That’s a little joke:  I always sing that line wrong and it drive Lydia crazy.  I tend to sing song wrong a lot.  Anyway, we are off for vacation over the next two weeks.  We will be traveling to Georgia and Florida to visit family and friends.  It will also be nice just to have a change of pace and scenery.  Not sure what this will mean for blogging, but I hope to have some time just to think and possibly do some blogging/writing along the way (I’ve already got a few things percolating).  I will not be posting on Running Scared during this time.  So, pray for us if you are so inclined – especially since we are going to have a lot of hours in a small confined space.


I hate stupid mapquest directions, poor signage, and traffic circles (and myself for getting frustrated…I think I need to read some chapters of Respectable Sins again).  Other than that I’m in DC to enjoy some time with  my wife (ten years of marriage in August) & sixteen total (or half of my life!).

Update #1:  We walked a mile+ from our hotel to 2 Amy’s Pizzeria.  We sat out on the back deck under a very pleasant sky and enjoyed a great meal together.

  • Appetizer: burratta
  • Main Course:  neapolitan style pizza with prosciutto & onion (sweet).  This was most excellent.
  • Dessert:  coffee & cannoli

PCA GA: The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

I am finally starting to feel like myself again (on Saturday evening) after returning from Dallas, Texas for the 36th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America (the denomination I serve). Should you desire you can watch the archived webcast of any part of the assembly. Here is my take on this past week.

The Good:

  • General Assembly affords an incredible opportunity for renewing old friendships and making new ones. I enjoyed being able to see several seminary classmates and spend some time with old friends. This usually includes good conversation over a shared meal – just think of how much of Christ’s ministry took place over a meal.
  • Seminars: a few years ago seminars on a large variety of topics and issues were added to the schedule and I find this to be one of the best parts of the assembly. Every now and then I hear someone say that they don’t like the seminars because it is not the purpose of this gathering (i.e. to do the business of the denomination), but these do not have to be mutual exclusive and the seminars provide a unique opportunity to benefit from the vast gifts of teachers, pastors, and ministry leaders throughout our denomination.
  • Another one of my favorite parts of GA is hearing about what the Lord is doing through the various ministries/agencies of the PCA, usually through informational reports. In some ways, this is the best part, because we get to celebrate the Kingdom of God advancing around the world through our denomination (for sure we are just a part of that and maybe even a small part, but this is still a most encouraging time during GA

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Going to the big D

I am flying to Dallas (starting at 6am; ugh!) tomorrow morning (and back on Friday afternoon). I will be there for for the PCA’s annual general assembly. Not sure how much I will be able to blog this week, but I am going to try to type a post or two of the goings on at GA. I only fly around this time of year for GA, so I hope for smooth travel, but you just never know what can happen. I may need to reread some chapters in Respectable Sins!

This year’s hot topic is the issue of deaconesses. Three presbyteries have asked for a study committee to be erected to study the issue, while one presbytery has asked for the assembly to not take that action. For some more information on this topic, my friend Ed has a good post here. For an outsiders perspective, the GA Junkie blog has a summation here. And finally, if you just can’t get enough, go here.