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Odds & Ends

1.  Finally got around to updating some of the information on the blog, particularly with reference to my location & position here at North Hills Church in Meridianville, AL.

2.  I like the creativity of someone to suggest that William & Mary change their mascot to an Asparagus

The asparagus stalk supporter notes that if served with cheese, the vegetable represents the school colors.

Maybe this has already been thought of but the Aspargus mascot could be called Asparaguy.

3.  World Magazine named the ESV Study Bible the book of the year in their recent books issue.  I certainly have enjoyed it.

4.  I also enjoyed listening to Mosaic Whispers (a coed a capella group out of Washington University in St. Louis) on youtube.  (HT:  JT)

5.  I may get back to more regular blogging one of these days.  Not making any promises…


This is wrong…

That’s John Smoltz and he is not wearing a Braves uniform.

Does God Care about Sports?

Why does an athlete’s praise of God or desire to give thanksgiving and honor to God, automatically equate to the notion that God cares about the outcome of games:

I refuse to believe that God — anyone’s God — has a rooting interest in the outcome of something as secular and perverse as a BCS game.”

This is from Mark Kriegel’s article on Kurt Warner (primarily) and other athlete’s with strong religious views.  Kriegel does not belittle Warner’s faith which has been well-documented – he actually commends it in a way.  However, he seems to set up a straw-man to argue with.

Does God care about sports?  Yes and no.  I believe that God cares about sports in the way that he cares about all things that happen in the universe.  At the same time, I have never heard a Christian athlete say their team won a game because God was “on their side” or something along those lines.  So, God does not care about sports in the manner that some have imagined:  as an emotionally entwined, nervous, and uncertain of the outcome kind of fan simply sitting on the sidelines or even ordering the outcome as a fan might?  I don’t think so.   I do commend those athletes who genuinely wish to recognize God’s sovereignty over all matters, including the games (or jobs they hold) they play.

How would you respond to the question, does God care about sports?

Banner of Hope

I am not inclined to tell you, dear reader, what to do, as I am uncertain of our relationship.  That said, I would highly recommend that you read this story (for more read here).  I love when we see echoes of the Kingdom of God through sports, though it was really through the selfless acts of a school, their football team, and their fans.  If you are friend…read it now!

Great Commercial

Nike consistently has some of the best commercials.  I love how this one recognizes that one moment in time is not just that.  Our lives are much fuller and richer than any one moment and at any one time we have an opportunity to look back and see the providence of God and the many events and people that have shaped our lives to a particular point.  Anyway, kudos to the advertising firm that dreamt this one up.

Website for College Football Junkies/Nerds

College Football Stats

Football & the Gospel…

In seminary, I discovered I had a problem (among many):  I took college football way too seriously.  I suppose I can blame my dad’s side of the family for this condition, as it is hard to not become indoctrinated in this Saturday religion while attending games at one of the largest football worship centers in the nation:  Neyland Stadium at The University of Tennessee.  My commitment to worship of the pigskin was furthered by attending the University of Georgia.  Football, of course, is best in the Southeast.

Anyway, back to self-discovery…In 2002 UGA had an awesome team and were poised to make a run at the National Championship.  That was, until, they lost one solitary game toward the end of the season.  Once again, UGA lost to the University of Florida – even though UGA should have won.  Or at least were suppose to that year.  We were so depressed that we dreamt about the game that night and then skipped church due to our morosity.  That’s not such a big deal, unless what you are training to do for a living largely centers on a different type of worship held on a different weekend day!  That was a turning point for me…no more could my passion for college football consume my passion for worship of the Triune God and my Savior.

I still care greatly about college football.  I am still as big a fan as one could be, but I won’t let it occupy the supreme place in my heart.  So, this past Saturday, when UGA got absolutely demolished by the University of Alabama I allowed myself to be bummed about the game while it was unfolding, but once it was over – it was over.  The next morning, I had the joy of preaching God’s Word to those gathered in worship and one of the things that I got to talk about was the Gospel.  In fact, I told the congregation that one of the most powerful ways that we can respond to those who reject the Gospel is by our growing more in love with and in awe of the Gospel.  And though I did not say it, the message I was preaching to myself is that the football game is just that.  It is not the Gospel.  It is not the Gospel!  Wall Street might collapse and economic hell ensue, but it is not the Gospel.  Our cars may/will break down again, but it is not the Gospel!  This is the perspective that I was preaching to myself Saturday night as I busied myself, hoping for an epic comeback that did not materialize.  And it is the message I taught our congregation.

What crowds the Gospel out of your life?  And what are you preaching to your heart to counter the false worship that comes so naturally?